Landmarc Real Estate

Landmarc Real Estate

We're dedicated to providing knowledgeable, responsive, and cost effective direction to land owners in the more Fredericksburg area. Landmarc Real Estate focuses on the management of local community associations and homeowners associations. Every single property and association account managed by Landmarc receives technical service which is personalized to fulfill individual demands. After a management program is designed, each and every customer is assigned a real estate manager and also a fiscal supervisor. These pros become the most interactive contacts and also are responsible to the management of the house. This team approach helps to ensure our clients receive personalizedand efficient services for each different performance.


The financial direction of each association is managed in-house. Our monetary direction team comprises degreed pros. Neighborhood Association and also HOA financial administration include the Subsequent services:

  • Supply expert management such as areas of billing, collection, and record keeping with accrual established accounting practices.Maintain a complete and accurate set of financial records to your own association.
  • Supply computer-generated assessing accounts and manage appropriate investment of book accounts.
  • Supply payment billing for monthly, quarterly, or annual dues.
  • Deliver delinquency finds and chase past due consideration in view of the guidelines established by the homeowners association.
  • Assist a Licensed Public Accountant, chosen by the association, together with all the annual audit and preparing of the country and national taxes.
  • Convince financial accounts for the Board of Directors, and give advice necessary for exclusive meetings according to the Board.
  • Respond to each of homeowner inquiries regarding account status, costs, and relevant financial matters on a timely basis.

Ledger System-Data Management

Landmarc realestate utilizes the use of a property administration system program. This really is actually a high tech, established software bundle which offers an entire and integral general ledger method for many balances. By means of this specific system, technical electronic banking companies might be used. Among the services offered are the employment of coupons that create having to pay dues as convenient as you can, electronic banking with electronic deposits and transfers, and also direct link communicating between monetary supervisors and also the lender.

  • This system automatically keeps records on all of properties, properties and tenant histories, payables, check composing, deposit reporting, and bank reconciliations.
  • Day sensitive mailing of general ledger trades with a bill date and actual transaction date.
  • Revenue Statement, Balance Sheet, and Budget Comparisons are available.

Contractual and Specialized Companies

Landmarc Real Estate is a neighborhood organization serving associations inside the City of Fredericksburg and the surrounding towns. The technique Landmarc realestate uses is always to comprehend completely the community's needs and concerns, and also to perform to expel the problems that grow within each association. A hands-on direction approach is used with wonderful accomplishment. Frequently it's crucial to conduct step by step, comprehensive reports to recognize a issue and to create a new remedy. All these solution based assessments are key practices which help assure successful performance of every single and every association.

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